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Method Powerball + Mega Millions Mod APK From Play Store


The Lotto Picks Powerball + Mega Millions app not only gives the latest jackpot information and drawing results for the two biggest lotteries in the US, but also displays past results (history).

You can also generate quick picks (lucky numbers) to make it easier to play the lottery. You can fix up to three lucky numbers (in the settings page) and let the system generate the remaining numbers for each ticket using a random number generator.

Read More:~ How we Thailand Lottery on Play Store.

How to watch the Mega Millions drawing live:

There are ways to watch the Mega Millions drawing live.

The drawing is broadcast live on several TV stations, radio stations and websites across the country.

Many TV stations that broadcast Mega Millions drawings will also stream them live on their websites, including New York’s WABC-7.

If you’re a cord-cutter or unsure if a local TV station is airing drawings on their website, you can sign up for a free trial on a streaming service, such as DirecTV Stream or Fubo TV. Each offers standard network news channels, such as ABC and Fox.


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